How to Build Wealth and Passive Cash Flow

Investing in Real Estate

(Without Flipping, Fixing Toilets or Wasting Time)


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Sept 7th 6pm MT/8pm ET

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:



The Essential Roadmap for Buying your First Passive Cash Flow Investment Property




How to Get Started for $25,000 or Less

(It Takes Less Cash than You Might Think)



Why Today is the Best Time to Start

(Don’t Miss Out on Immediate Gains and Learn How to Use Inflation as a Tailwind to Increase Returns & Wealth)

A Note From the Instructor...

Buying and building an investment real estate portfolio has changed my life. My kids travel with me around the world and we have all sorts of great adventures. A few months ago it was exploring Portugal and Madeira Island. Next week I’m taking my kids swimming with whale sharks off of Holbox Island and learning how to kite surf. In a couple of months, I’ll be taking my kids on a hiking adventure in Iceland. Investment real estate and its passive income allow me to share great experiences with the people I care about most. Life is short. For me, treasured world-class experiences year after year with my children are something made possible with investment in real estate. The cash flow provided by investment real estate has allowed me to share world-class experiences with the people I care about the most. 


What I think is most exciting about acquiring single-family homes is that the average person can buy one property, experience a positive cash flow, and continue buying more single-family rental properties. Buying single-family rentals are a viable and fairly straightforward path to building wealth one asset at a time. I know people that choose to invest in this course and apply what I teach will see their life change massively, from slowly building wealth by investing in real estate to ultimately achieving financial freedom.


What makes this webinar unique is that I have actually done and continue to do everything I teach. This webinar is practical and tactical. You are in the right place and this is the right tool to help you get ahead. This opportunity is risk-free and contains many high-value modules – an abundance of information you won’t find assembled anywhere else.

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